About Us

Clare with Knitted Flying Scotsman model

Our Knitted Flying Scotsman model, now part of the National Railway Museum's National Collection

(Photo reproduced by kind permission of the National Railway Museum)

Established in 2007 and founded on the life-long love of knitting, we are based in the North East of England.

We specialise in novelty knitting pattern design and our patterns have featured in two of the UK's leading knitting magazines - Simply Knitting and Knit Today.

In addition to our regular work in novelty pattern design, our knitted Flying Scotsman model was voted the winner of the National Railway Museum's competition to create a replica of the legendary steam engine in 2011.

While our designs are fun and innovative, we always like to keep the fuss to a minimum when it comes to selecting what you'll need to use when working with our patterns. Most of our designs can be worked using leftover oddments of acrylic yarn from your stash, and stuffing, cardboard, disposable plastic cups and drinking straws are about as extravagant as it gets when it comes to the extra materials you may require.