Barrel of Biscuits

Barrel of Biscuits Pattern Cover

If you're a creative crafter looking for a new knitting project that's a whole barrel of fun, then this collection of biscuit-themed patterns is the one for you!

Inspired by one of everyone's favourite foodie treats, this publication contains all the detail you'll need to knit your very own woolly Biscuit Barrel, together with a generous supply of woolly biscuits that's as much fun to knit as it will be to hand around at your next (knitted) tea party. Whatever your own favourite might be, there's plenty to choose from amongst the eight different biscuit patterns included in this collection, specifically:

When made to the tension specified in the pattern, the knitted Biscuit Barrel measures approximately 15.5cm in height (including the lid, but not the handle on top) and is up to 16cm in width. The patterns featured in this publication are best suited to knitters with intermediate to advanced knitting skills.

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