Having a barrel of laughs with our brand new biscuit bonanza

Posted 4th March 2017

Barrel of Biscuits Pictures

With all of our New Year Resolutions now regrettably well and truly behind us, it's back to one of our favourite themes for our next brand new knitting pattern - yes, it's lovely things to eat! (Well not really, but you get the idea.)

Taking our inspiration from the wide variety of biscuits we chomped through while trying to come up with the concept for our next knitting pattern (how about that for a bit of serendipity?), we're delighted to be able to announce the launch of our Barrel of Biscuits Knitting Pattern, available right now for purchase as a Kindle Edition from the Amazon UK website.

Best suited to knitters with intermediate to advanced knitting skills, the pattern for this cute little knitted biscuit barrel comes complete with a menu of eight different woolly biscuity favourites to choose from, including (amongst others), Bourbons, Custard Creams, Jam Cream Sandwich Biscuits and of course, Pink Wafers.

When made to the tension specified in the pattern, the biscuit barrel measures approximately 15.5cm in height (including the lid, but not its handle) and 16cm in width, meaning that there should be room in there for two of each of the eight types of biscuit featured in this pattern - not that they'll spend much time in the barrel, since we find it's far more fun to hand them around!

If you'd like to read more about our Barrel of Biscuits pattern, please head on over to our Patterns to Buy page, from where you can click on through to the pattern's dedicated page on the Amazon UK website.

Happy knitting!


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