Bouquet & Houseplant

Bouquet and Houseplant Pattern Cover

The Bouquet & Houseplant knitting pattern is an ideal choice for any green-fingered knitter looking for their next creative challenge.

Though it might not appear so at first glance, the Knitted Bouquet & Houseplant are made to a 2-in-1 design featuring a single set of long-stemmed flowers that can be transformed from a bouquet to a houseplant and back again within mere minutes.

Best suited to those with intermediate to advanced knitting skills, this pattern includes all the detail you'll need to make your very own set of knitted flowers, together with their knitted plant pot. What's more, the choice of colour for your own flowers is entirely yours, leaving you free to customise the flowers to your own taste.

Although the overall height of the houseplant will vary depending upon how the individual flowers are arranged, the plant pot in which they stand measures approximately 10cm in height and 37cm in circumference. Outside of the pot, each individual flower measures approximately 31cm in length when its stem is fully straightened out.

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