Knitted Cigarettes & Packet

Knitted Cigarettes & Packet

Looking for a project to keep you busy whilst you try to give up smoking? Or perhaps you'd like to offer a uniquely personal token of support to a friend who's trying to quit? Complete with their very own cardboard-lined packet, these woolly cigarettes are a charmingly whimsical way to use up spare oddments of yarn and for a good cause too!

The cigarettes really couldn't be much easier to make each one is a single piece of knitting that starts with the "filter and tobacco filling" before switching colours to the traditional orange and white colour scheme of the exterior. Once done, the "cigarette" is simply rolled up and stitched in place as you go.

With single colours used for its interior and exterior, the cardboard-lined packet is relatively uncomplicated to make the unique design element comes from the embroidered brand name, which is easy to apply and of course entirely down to you. We decided to name our brand "Cigs", but if you'd like to put your own name to your very own packet of knitted cigarettes, well here's your opportunity!

And one final word they might look like cigarettes but for your own safety, don't even think about trying to light them. Or doing anything else stupid with heat involving them. Acrylic melts when exposed to heat and poses a serious burn risk, so don't do it!!

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