Collapsible Christmas Tree

Collapsible Christmas Tree Pattern Cover

If you're a creative crafter looking for a new knitting project to keep you busy during those long winter evenings then this Collapsible Christmas Tree Knitting Pattern could be the one for you!

As its name suggests - and just like the real (artificial) version that inspired its design - this Collapsible (not collapsing!) Christmas Tree can be easily assembled and disassembled in mere minutes, making it easy to pack and store away outside of the festive season.

Measuring approximately 38cm in height when fully assembled (including the star on top), this cute and compact little tree is ideally sized for display on a coffee table and has been lovingly designed to feature details such as branches textured to resemble those of a fir tree and tiny baubles you can choose where to hang each time you put up the tree.

The Collapsible Christmas Tree is knitted using acrylic yarn and is structured using cardboard and rolled up A4 paper. The pattern is best suited to knitters with intermediate to advanced knitting skills.

This pattern is available to buy as a Kindle Edition e-book

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