Coupé Car

Coupé Car Pattern Cover

If you're an experienced knitter with a fondness for all things motoring, then why not make this Coupé Car Knitting Pattern your next crafting challenge?

Inspired by the charm of those fun and sporty little cars that brighten up our roads every day, the pattern for this affectionate take on the genre has been lovingly designed to incorporate as much detail as possible, ranging from woolly wing mirrors to (alas fixed) wheels that even have tiny tyre treads knitted into them.

Knitted using acrylic yarn and structured with cardboard and stuffing, this miniature motor measures approximately 18.5cm in length and is up to 8.5cm in height. And of course just like the real thing, the choice for your car's colour scheme will always be yours, so if you'd like to switch that racing red for a bold blue or a go-faster green, then feel free to go right ahead and make it happen!

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