Cuckoo & Clock

Cuckoo & Clock Pattern Cover

If you're a creative crafter looking for a quirky new project to brighten up your home then this Cuckoo & Clock Knitting Pattern is the one for you!

Inspired by the legendary Swiss timepiece and capable of telling the time accurately for one minute every twelve hours, this knitted version has been lovingly designed with many of the most recognisable features of the real thing, including weights that can be raised and lowered and a pendulum that can swing (a bit).

What's more, although it'll never startle anyone by chirruping when they least expect it, this charming clock still has one big surprise at its heart - opening up the front of the clock reveals a cute and cuddly knitted Cuckoo in residence, fully enjoying the extra space provided by the lack of clockwork mechanism inside!

Best suited to crafters with intermediate to advanced knitting skills, the knitted Cuckoo stands approximately 9cm in height when made to the tension specified in the pattern. The case of the knitted Clock measures approximately 16.5cm in height.

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