Dachshund Puppy

Dachshund Puppy Pattern Cover

Small on stature but huge on personality, this Dachshund Puppy Knitting Pattern is sure to appeal to anyone who's a fan of the world-famous Dachshund dog breed.

Best suited to experienced knitters, the pattern for this dinky dog has been lovingly designed to incorporate as much of the charm of the real thing as possible, with its traditionally long body, ears that can be partly folded up or down to reflect your puppy's "mood" and a look of such interest on its face you'd almost believe that you might just find it trotting along after you when you next step out of the room!

Also included in this publication are patterns for three indispensable woolly accessories to help your knitted puppy settle into its new home - a bone, a bowl of dog food and a quilted-effect dog coat that's sure to keep Puppy warm when it's out and about.

When made to the tension specified in the pattern, the knitted Dachshund Puppy measures approximately 34cm in length from the tip of its nose to the back of the base of its tail, and stands up to 24cm in height.

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