Knitted Duck House & Duck

Knitted Duck House & Duck

Guaranteed to raise a giggle amongst all who see it, this adorable Knitted Duck House is one of the most quirky designs we've ever come up with - and if you've already had a browse around our site, you'll know that quirky is what we love best!

Structured with cardboard inserts, the house is made up of four separate wall panels sewn together to make a box, which is then stitched to a square base. The roof which serves as a lid is also made of four panels. The outer wall design owes its intricacy to the use of relatively fine knitting needles with double knit yarn, but we think the finished result is well worth the effort.

Of course a Duck House just wouldn't be complete without its own little resident duck, so we've designed this little fellow, based loosely on a mallard. Alternatively, if you have a bit surplus white yarn left over in your stash, an all-white bird looks just as sweet!

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