Flamenco Dancing Dolls

Flamenco Dancing Dolls

If you've ever wondered what it might be like if a favourite doll could suddenly come to life, then this Flamenco Dancing Dolls Knitting Pattern could be a great choice for your next crafting project.

Inspired by the spirited Spanish Flamenco dance that's adored by audiences the whole world over, this pattern contains all the detail you'll need to knit your own set of male and female Flamenco Dancing Dolls. Unlike most knitted puppets, the finger puppet element of the Knitted Dancing Dolls is almost impossible to detect when not in use, making them ideal for display as well as play. The secret is in their hollow legs - when it's time to dance, all you have to do is slide them onto two fingers and you're ready to go!

Packed with personality, the costumes for both dolls have been lovingly designed to feature as much detail as possible, with a short jacket and a wide-brimmed hat for the male dancer and a fabulously frilly dress for the female dancer that's just perfect for kicking up a centre-stage storm.

Best suited to knitters with intermediate to advanced knitting skills, when made to the tension specified in the pattern, the female Flamenco Dancing Doll measures approximately 21cm in height, with the male doll measuring approximately 22.5cm in height once he's got his hat on!

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