Fleecy Friends

Fleecy Friends Pattern Cover

Our Fleecy Friends Knitting Pattern is a collection of patterns that's sure to appeal to anyone with an appreciation for the wonderful woolly creatures that provide us with so much of the precious yarns we all love to knit with.

Best suited to experienced knitters with a fondness for multi-colour knitting, this publication contains all the detail you'll need to create this fabulous foursome of ornamental dolls - Sidney the Shepherd, Colin the Collie Dog, Rupert the Ram and Alma the Alpaca. Each pattern has been lovingly designed to include as much detail as possible, including Sidney's traditional flat cap and tailored suit, Alma the Alpaca's gentle face and graceful posture and Colin, a collie dog that looks so keen to get to work, you'll almost expect to see him herding Rupert the Ram the very second you step out of the room!

When knitted using acrylic yarn and made to the tension specified in the pattern, Sidney the Shepherd measures approximately 16cm in height, Colin the Collie Dog measures approximately 9.5cm in length, Rupert the Ram measures approximately 10.5cm in length and Alma the Alpaca stands up to approximately 14.5cm in height.

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