From Rags to Stitches - Knitted Cinderella Doll - New Pattern Booklet Available NOW!

Posted 28th January 2013

Knitted Cinderella Doll

We're really excited to be able to announce the second of the two pattern booklets we're launching in 2013.

From Rags to Stitches is our very own take on the much loved fairy story of Cinderella, the downtrodden kitchen maid who receives the makeover of her dreams after a visit from her kindly Fairy Godmother.

This knitted Cinderella features a special 2-in-1 design, meaning that when it's time for the big transformation, there'll be no need for magic knitting needles - all you have to do is tuck away one doll while bringing out the other. It's as simple as that!

The doll not in use stores away neatly beneath the other doll's skirt, hidden from view by a base underneath the dress secured with snap fasteners. Transforming the doll in this way means that Cinderella's makeover goes beyond just a change of dress - she gets a fancy new hairstyle too! And because her feet are secured to her dress, this is one Cinderella who won't be leaving her shoes behind any time soon.

Knitted Cinderella Doll

From the patches on her dowdy dress to her sequinned tiara, Cinderella features lots of lovingly created detail that we're sure you're going to enjoy creating as much as we did. If you'd like to have a go at making (and making over) your own Cinderella doll, further details are available on our From Rags to Stitches and How to Order pages.

Happy knitting!


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