How I got hooked on knitting

Posted 1st February 2011

Clare Scope-Farrell

I consider myself truly blessed in that I can't ever really remember a time when I wasn't able to knit to some degree at least, anyway. Knitting is such a wonderfully creative art and whatever your level of aptitude, the possibilities are endless, the opportunities infinite. In addition, there's just such a simple and satisfying feeling in being able to look at a piece of knitting, nod to yourself appreciatively and think "See this piece of fabric? I actually made that with just two sticks and some scratchy old yarn. I'm a flipping textile manufacturer, I am!" Or that could just be me, as you can imagine, I'm quite enthusiastic about the whole knitting malarkey.

As is the case with many people, it was my mum who inspired me to want to learn to knit and when the time came, it was she who helped me form my first wobbly stitches. And the reason for my inspiration? Well, way back in the early eighties when I were a lass, I had a cuddly ET toy and one morning before school, mum promised that she would make him a jumper as he was beginning to get a little threadbare. Thinking that this would take some days, I can still remember the delight and disbelief when I returned home that afternoon to find my little chum already sitting proudly in his new stripy-knit jumper. I had no idea how the jumper had gone from the word to the deed in such a short space of time, but my goodness, did I want to know how to wield the amazing creative power that was... knitting.

The very first thing I ever knitted was, well... just a piece of knitting really. You see, I was just so charmed by the idea of throwing this yarn stuff around and making it into fabric that I wasn't really ready to tackle the notion of making it into anything useful. By the time I finally decided that I'd had enough and got mum to show me how to cast it off, I was left with a piece of work about the size of half a tea-towel and pretty much no idea what to do with it. Fortunately mum came up with the idea of fashioning the thing into a bicycle seat cover, my very first project was complete and I was hooked on knitting forever.


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