Introducing the Kimono Ladies

Posted 17th September 2011

Kimono Ladies

If you're looking for something cute and fun to make with your leftover remnants of yarn, then do we have a great design for you! Coming soon to the pages of Simply Knitting magazine, the Kimono Ladies are our adorable new collection of Japanese-themed mascot dolls.

These dainty little ladies come with a choice of six different hairstyles and can be made up in any combination of colours, so the possibilities are endless. What's more, they're so quick to make it's almost impossible to stop after making just one and before you'll know where you are you'll have a whole mantlepiece full of them. (Believe us, we speak from experience.)

If you'd like to make your own Kimono Ladies, you'll find the pattern in Issue 86 of Simply Knitting - due out on the 4th October 2011 - so make sure you pick up a copy while you can!


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