Knits of the Roses - Knitted Yorkshire, Lancashire & Tudor Rose Motifs

Knits of the Roses Pattern Cover

If you've got an affection for all things Yorkshire or Lancashire, this knitting pattern contains all the detail you'll need to create your very own knitted Yorkshire, Lancashire or Tudor Rose motifs.

The knitted rose motifs make an ideal pin-on decoration for clothing or can be sewn directly to other items such as bags, scarves, gloves etc. To help further accessorise your roses, a pattern for a cable knit hairband and wristband is also included in this publication.

The design of all three roses dates back to the 15th century, where white and red roses were used to represent the rival Houses of York and Lancaster during the English Wars of the Roses. When the wars ended, it's thought that the two roses were combined to create the Tudor Rose, a new symbol to represent the hopes of a more peaceful and unified England. The white and red roses are still widely used today as emblems of the proud counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire, although thankfully today's rivalries are of the more friendly sporting variety!

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