Knitted Crinoline Lady Toilet Roll Cover

Knitted Crinoline Lady Toilet Roll Cover

Inspired by the ever-popular accessory that no self-respecting bathroom was ever without in the 1960s and 70s, this loveable version of the timeless Crinoline Lady is elegantly dressed in a layered gown and wide-brimmed hat with a cute ringlet hairstyle. Unlike her predecessors, there's no need to source a separate plastic doll to make this fully-woolly Crinoline Lady - everything is knitted, from the hem of her gown to the top of her hat.

We've chosen a white, lilac and purple colour scheme for our Knitted Crinoline Lady, but if you'd like to customise the colours of your lady to match your own bathroom, then go for it!

As with many of our designs, the Knitted Crinoline Lady Toilet Roll Cover is created using 100% acrylic yarn and is another ideal choice for knitters on a budget. The pattern is best suited to knitters with intermediate to advanced knitting skills.

And one final word of advice - if you ever see the Knitted Crinoline Lady looking a bit unsteady on her feet or sitting down on your bathroom windowsill, it's time to bring her another toilet roll to look after. You'll be glad you did.

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