Knitted Flying Scotsman model wins National Railway Museum Competition!

Posted 10th July 2011

Knitted Flying Scotsman

Following on from my earlier article, I've amazing news to report – the Knitted Flying Scotsman has been voted the winner of the National Railway Museum’s competition to create a model of the legendary Flying Scotsman steam engine!

First of all – a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for my model, whether it be in person at the museum or by e-mail. Winning the competition is a real honour and I'm truly grateful for all of the kind comments I've received about my knitted Flying Scotsman.

As part of the prize, I will be given the opportunity to ride behind the real Flying Scotsman when it returns to steam later this year and I am completely excited about the prospect. After two months of studying pictures and taking teeny-tiny measurements of the engine, I can't wait to see Flying Scotsman in person, it feels like I know her so well already!


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