Knitted Footballer Puppets

Knitted Footballer Puppets Pattern Cover

If you've ever fancied managing your own football team - or know someone who's always wanted to have a try - then this knitting pattern is the one for you!

This pattern contains all the detail you'll need to assemble your very own squad of Knitted Footballer Puppets, together with their knitted football.

Easy to make up in the team colour (and gender!) of your choice, the legs of these adorable puppets are controlled by the wearer's fingers, giving each player the ability to run, tackle, kick and shoot in its own uniquely woolly way. All of the puppets are knitted using 100% acrylic yarn and measure approximately 21cm in height (excluding additional hairpieces and caps).

Unlike most knitted puppets, the finger puppet element of these fuzzy footballers is almost impossible to detect when not in use, making them ideal for display as well as play. The secret is in their hollow legs - when it's time for kick-off, all you have to do is slide them onto two fingers and you're all ready to go!

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