Try your hand at player-management with these Knitted Footballer Puppets

Posted 1st February 2014

Knitted Footballer Puppets

We're delighted to be able to announce the launch of our Knitted Footballer Puppets pattern, available right now as a Kindle Edition e-book from the Amazon UK website.

Designed in a similar way to our popular range of Knitted Dancing Dolls, the legs of these adorable puppets are controlled by the wearer's index and middle fingers, giving each player the ability to run, tackle, kick and shoot in their own unique way.

In this publication you'll find all the detail you'll need to make your very own team of footballer puppets, with the option to style each one as either a male or female, outfielder or goalkeeper. And of course the choice of colours used to create your footballer puppet is entirely yours, so if you're modelling your puppet on your footballing heroes at a national or grass roots level, you should have little difficulty in matching their outfit.

And because no game would be complete without one, this pattern also includes details on how to make a knitted football for your puppets. It's admittedly a little less aerodynamic than the real thing, but unlikely to break any windows, no matter how hard your player kicks it!

If you'd like to read more about this fun new pattern, there's more to see on our Patterns to Buy page from where you can click on through to the pattern's dedicated page on the Amazon UK website.

Happy knitting!


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