Knitted Kimono Ladies - New Pattern Booklet Available NOW!

Posted 7th April 2012

Knitted Kimono Ladies

Following on from their debut in Simply Knitting magazine last year, we're thrilled to be able to announce the release of our new Knitted Kimono Ladies pattern booklet.

Judging by the photographs we've seen so far, this collection of ornamental dolls with a serenely Japanese theme has been a popular choice with readers and we've really enjoyed seeing the many ways in which people have used the patterns to create and customise their own little collection of ladies.

Newly updated, this pattern booklet contains all the detail you need to make your very own Knitted Kimono Lady and how to customise her look with any one of six different hairstyles - Buns, Bun, Ponytail, Plaits, Bunches and Bob.

If you'd like to brighten your home - and perhaps those of friends and family - with your own collection of Knitted Kimono Ladies, further details are available on our Knitted Kimono Ladies page as well as our How to Order page.

Happy knitting!


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