Knitted Kitten

Knitted Kitten Pattern Cover

If you're looking for a crafting project with maximum cuteness, then why not try this adorable Knitted Kitten Knitting Pattern, an ideal choice for any cat-lover or fan of all things feline.

Even though it's entirely knitted using acrylic yarn, this diminutive Knitted Kitten has the characteristically sparkling eyes and mischievous look of a kitten that's just realised that there's a whole world out there to explore - and can hardly wait to get started. Packed with charm and personality, it's amazing how much Kitten's expression can change depending upon its positioning - just try tilting the head to one side for an endearingly quizzical look or lowering its face slightly for that "It wasn't me!" expression.

When made to the tension specified in the pattern, Knitted Kitten measures approximately 20cm in height in its sitting position - providing you can keep it in one place long enough to be measured!

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