Knitted Robin & Yule Log

Knitted Robin and Yule Log Pattern Cover

This Knitted Robin & Yule Log pattern is an ideal project for those who like to handcraft their own decorations in the run up to the Christmas season.

Surely everyone's favourite festive feathered friend, a real-life Christmas Robin is a cheerily welcome sight in a snowy garden and a delightful inspiration for this pattern. What's not to love about a bird that looks like he's about to break out his very own Santa costume from underneath his brown outer feathers?

This publication contains all the detail you'll need to make this cute Knitted Robin, together with his own snow-covered, holly-bedecked Yule Log to perch on or perhaps to share with a knitted friend - there's plenty room on there for two!

Both the Knitted Robin and Yule Log are made from acrylic yarn and ideal for using up those spare oddments of yarn that you just can't bear to bin - and of course using up spare yarn sounds like a good reason to ask Santa to bring you some more for Christmas...

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