Knitted Lunch Money Purses - a new pattern to get your teeth into!

Posted 29th May 2015

Lunch Money Purses

If you're looking for a fun new novelty knitting project this summer, then why not take a look at our brand new pattern "Lunch Money Purses", available to buy now as a Kindle Edition from the Amazon UK website?

Ideal for those sunny day outings when all you want to take out and about with you is a small amount of cash, this pattern contains all the detail you'll need to make the fast food-themed purses featured in this publication - a big beefy Cheeseburger and an accompanying packet of French Fries.

For best effect, the patterns for both purses have been carefully designed to ensure that the zip on each is as unobtrusive as possible. The zip on the French Fries purse tucks away underneath its base (allowing the packet to stand upright), and only on closer examination will anyone find the zip on the Cheeseburger purse, hidden away as it is underneath the top burger and a layer of knitted lettuce!

Both purses are made from acrylic yarn and are structured with cardboard, meaning that just like the real thing, both can be an inexpensive treat that can be shared with friends and family alike.

To read more about our new Lunch Money Purses pattern, please see our Patterns to Buy page from where you can click on through to the pattern's dedicated page on the Amazon UK website.

Happy knitting!


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