Miniature Knitted Houseplant

Miniature Knitted Houseplant

Do you love the look of plants but don't have time to take care of them properly? Or are you just sick of the flies they can attract? Ideal for your own home or perhaps as a fun gift for a loved one, this adorable miniature houseplant (species unknown!) is perfect for brightening up a drab desktop and best of all, the only care it will ever need is the occasional spot of light dusting.

The plant pot is structured using a small disposable plastic cup (see the pattern for the specifics), cut down to size and hidden inside a knitted lining. It might not be apparent from the photo (at least we hope so!) but the plant is made up of a ovoid-shaped centre onto which the leaves were then sewn.

And in case you're a little worried about the idea of knitting lots and lots of individual leaves, well don't be. We've made it easier with a pattern that enables you to knit a bunting-like chain of leaves, so sewing them on is easy-peasy, just wrap them round and round the plant and stitch into place!

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