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Thirteen fun and varied titles to collect, for details of our prices, please visit the Our Prices page.

From Rags to Stitches Booklet Cover

From Rags to Stitches

An amazing 2-in-1 knitted Cinderella doll that transforms from poor to posh in less than a minute

Bags of Flower Booklet Cover

Bags of Flower

Combining fashion with fun, this is a collection of knitted bags and purses with a uniquely floral twist

Knitted Sporting Heroes Booklet Cover

Knitted Sporting Heroes

An adorable collection of six sporting-themed ornamental dolls

Knitted Kimono Ladies Booklet Cover

Knitted Kimono Ladies

Delightful ornamental dolls with a serenely Japanese theme and six different hairstyles to choose from

Russian Style Stacking Dolls Booklet Cover

Russian Style Stacking Dolls

Make your very own set of ornamental dolls in your favourite colours

Rise & Shine Booklet Cover

Rise & Shine

Wake up and smell the coffee with a knitted breakfast

Fast Food Fun Booklet Cover

Fast Food Fun

Calorie-free patterns for those who like to take their knitting to go

Knitted Tea Party Volume One Booklet Cover

Knitted Tea Party - Volume One

Throw your very own knitted party with these tea-time treats

Knitted Tea Party Volume Two Booklet Cover

Knitted Tea Party - Volume Two

The party continues with more delectable knitted delights

Knit Your Greens Booklet Cover

Knit Your Greens

All you need to get your five a day quota of healthy knitting

Knitted Flowers Booklet Cover

Knitted Flowers

Enjoy beautiful flowers all year round with these fabulous designs

Knitted Christmas Decorations Booklet Cover

Knitted Christmas Decorations

Celebrate twelve days of knitting with twelve festive patterns

Knitted Piggy Bank & Novelty Safe Booklet Cover

Knitted Piggy Bank & Novelty Safe

Keep your pennies snuggly and warm with these knitted money boxes

Patterns available as Kindle Edition e-books

An exciting and expanding new range of patterns currently available exclusively for purchase through the Amazon UK website.

Knits of the Roses Pattern Cover

Knits of the Roses - Yorkshire, Lancashire & Tudor Rose Motifs

Show your support for your Yorkshire, Lancashire and English sporting heroes with these fun knitted rose motifs

Bouquet and Houseplant Pattern Cover

Bouquet & Houseplant

No need to choose one over the other - this gorgeous houseplant transforms into a bouquet and back again in mere minutes

Knitted French Cakes & Pastries Pattern Cover

French Cakes & Pastries

Six knitted patisserie favourites with a distinctly French twist

Sliceable Strawberry Gateau Pattern Cover

Sliceable Strawberry Gateau

Looking for a new pattern with a culinary theme? Now you can have your cake and knit it with this gorgeous knitted gateau

Time for Tea Pattern Cover

Time for Tea

Knit down and put your feet up, it's time for a woolly tea break

Coffee and Cake Pattern Cover

Coffee and Cake

A mini mug of Espresso Coffee plus six specially selected favourites from the cafe counter

Piece of Cake Pattern Cover

Piece of Cake

Serving up slices of fun with these six scrummy cakes

Barrel of Biscuits Pattern Cover

Barrel of Biscuits

A knitted Biscuit Barrel that's generously packed with eight different types of woolly biscuit to choose from

Savoury Buffet Selection Pattern Cover

Savoury Buffet Selection

Impress your guests with these nine knitted foodie favourites from the buffet table

Cool it! Pattern Cover

Cool it!

Sit back and relax with this chilled-out collection of knitted lollies and ice creams

Full English Breakfast Pattern Cover

Full English Breakfast

Get your day off to a great start with this fully woolly breakfast special

Lunch Money Purses Pattern Cover

Lunch Money Purses

Take your lunch money to go with these knitted Cheeseburger and French Fries purses

Piggy Pals Knitting Pattern Cover

Piggy Pals

And this woolly piggy said "We-we-we are the champions!" all the way home...

Miniature Pony Pals Pattern Cover

Miniature Pony Pals

Meet Pansy the Pony and her best friend Patsy - they're small in stature but big in character

Knitted Bride and Groom Pattern Cover

Knitted Bride & Groom

Adorable knitted newlyweds that come complete with their own three-tier wedding cake and table

Fleecy Friends Pattern Cover

Fleecy Friends

Everything you need to know about how to knit one man and his dog. And his sheep. And his alpaca.

Off to School Pattern Cover

Off to School

Get ready for the new term with these miniature knitted Lollipop Lady and Schoolchildren dolls

Graduation Celebration Pattern Cover

Graduation Celebration

These cute and compact dolls are an ideal way to say a big woolly "well done" to anyone who's just made the grade

Watch the Birdie Pattern Cover

Watch the Birdie! Feathered Friends to Knit

They might not be able to talk, but these knitted birds are still great at starting a conversation

Cuckoo & Clock Pattern Cover

Cuckoo & Clock

With this cute woolly timepiece, any time's a good time to pick up your needles and get knitting!

Christmas Angels Pattern Cover

Christmas Angels

Spread some glad tidings this Christmas time with these adorably angelic ornamental dolls

Reusable Christmas Cracker Pattern Cover

Reusable Christmas Cracker

Putting a new twist on one of everyone's Christmas Day favourites

Knitted Robin and Yule Log Pattern Cover

Knitted Robin & Yule Log

It's never too early to get your festive knitting off to a flying start with this cheery Christmas decoration

Snowman and Santa Claus Pattern Cover

Snowman & Santa Claus

Let's deck the halls and use up that spare yarn with these miniature Christmas cuties

Collapsible Christmas Tree Pattern Cover

Collapsible Christmas Tree

A miniature Christmas tree that's easy to put up, take down and pack away in mere minutes.

Christmas Garland Pattern Cover

Christmas Garland

For the knitter who wants to deck their halls with more than just holly this Christmas. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-laaaaa!!

Knitted Sleeping Puppy Pattern Cover

Knitted Sleeping Puppy

No wonder this knitted pup is always snoozing - it's really tiring work being as cute as this!

Interchangeable Doggy Bag Pattern Cover

Interchangeable Doggy Bag

What could be cuter than a knitted puppy in a handbag? Three of them, that's what!

Dachshund Puppy Pattern Cover

Dachshund Puppy

A super Sausage Dog together with its very own coat, bone and a bowl of dog food

Westie Terrier Pattern Cover

Westie Terrier

Hoots mon, it's our wee woolly doggy from beautiful Bonnie Scotland!

Knitted Kitten Pattern Cover

Knitted Kitten

A knitty-cat so realistic you'll almost expect it to have climbed half way up the curtains if left alone for a minute!

Lop-Eared Rabbit Pattern Cover

Lop-Eared Rabbit

Still haven't chosen your next knitting project yet? Well, let's hop to it with this cuddly bunny rabbit!

Meerkat Puppet Pattern Cover

Meerkat Puppet

Make your own meerkat and bring it to life with this gorgeous glove puppet design

Knitted Panda Pattern Cover

Knitted Panda

You don't have to use bamboo needles to knit this cuddly chap - unless of course you want to!

Jolly Well Done Cover

Jolly Well Done!

Celebrate your successes with this triumphant trio of trophies

Knitted Crinoline Lady Toilet Roll Cover

Knitted Crinoline Lady Toilet Roll Cover

Brighten up your bathroom with this fully-woolly Toilet Roll cover - no plastic doll required!

Scottish Lassie and Laddie Knitted Dancing Dolls Pattern Cover

Scottish Lassie & Laddie Knitted Dancing Dolls

Dressed in matching tartan outfits, here's how to knit your own Scottish-themed Highland flinging finger puppets

Irish Girl and Morris Man Knitted Dancing Dolls Pattern Cover

Irish Girl & Morris Man Knitted Dancing Dolls

Two cute and cuddly puppets representing two of Ireland and England's favourite traditional dance styles

Cowgirl and Cowboy Knitted Dancing Dolls Pattern Cover

Cowgirl & Cowboy Knitted Dancing Dolls

Perfect for Country & Western fans, these adorable puppets are accessorised with matching Stetson hats and Cowboy boots

Ballerina and Cossack Knitted Dancing Dolls Pattern Cover

Ballerina & Cossack Knitted Dancing Dolls

Representing two very different styles of dance in Russia, these theatrical finger puppets are all ready to take to the stage

Flamenco Dancing Dolls Knitting Pattern Cover

Flamenco Dancing Dolls

Kick up a centre-stage storm with these Spanish-themed knitted puppets

Knitted Footballer Puppets Cover

Knitted Footballer Puppets

Become the player-manager of your very own team of fuzzy footballer finger puppets

Hat with Plaits Pattern Cover

Hat with Plaits

An adult-sized knitted beanie hat with woolly weather-resistant hair

Coupé Car Pattern Cover

Coupé Car

Question: What do you call a model car that's made out of wool?

Answer: A Knit-subishi!