Piggy Pals

Piggy Pals Pattern Cover

With a design inspired by the discovery of a prize-winning pig breeder in my own family tree, this "Piggy Pals" Knitting Pattern is a great choice for anyone who has a fondness for all things piggy-themed.

Best suited to knitters with intermediate to advanced knitting skills, this publication contains all the detail you'll need to make this adorable pair of knitted mascot dolls - Lady Petunia the Pig and her devoted keeper, Peter. Also included in this pattern are details on how to make two all-important accessories indispensable to any self-respecting knitted pig farmer - a winner's rosette and a nice bucket of swill.

Small on stature but big on charm, when made to the tension specified in the pattern, Lady Petunia the Pig measures approximately up to 8.5cm in height and 13cm in length (not including her tail), while Peter measures approximately 15cm in height.

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