Reusable Christmas Cracker

Reusable Christmas Cracker Pattern Cover

If you're a creative crafter looking for a fun but practical project, then why not put a new twist on your Christmas preparations with this Reusable Christmas Cracker Knitting Pattern?

A perfect pattern for keeping any knitter busy during those dark winter nights in the run up to Christmas, the design of this knitted Christmas Cracker is based around a simple tube shape that's plugged at its ends by two frilled stoppers. This design means that the cracker can be filled, assembled and pulled as many times you like, although in reality your friends and family are sure to love them so much they'll all want to keep them and you'll still end up having to knit more crackers for next year!

Knitted in acrylic yarn and measuring approximately 24cm in length when assembled, these crackers can be made up in the colour of your choice, or perhaps the favourite colour of the person you're making it for. What's more if you're a seasoned knitter, they're a great way of using up any surplus in your yarn stash and so freeing up your spare pennies to spend on something nice to put inside the cracker!

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