Time for Tea

Time for Tea Pattern Cover

"Time for Tea" is a collection of knitting patterns inspired by one of everyone's favourite times of day, the well-deserved tea break.

Best suited to crafters with intermediate to advanced knitting skills, this publication includes all of the detail you'll need to make the things that no good tea break should ever be without - a cup of tea and a teapot, together with a plate of cakes (butterfly cake and cherry cake) and a jam-filled scone.

Though knitted using acrylic yarn, the patterns for each of the items in this collection have been lovingly designed to incorporate as much of the detail of the real thing as possible meaning that yes, you can lift the lid of the teapot to see the tea inside and yes, you may well need to keep a finger on it when pouring out an imaginary cuppa!

As a general guide (and when made to the tension specified in the pattern), the cup measures approximately 6.5cm in height, and with its lid in place, the teapot measures approximately 14.5cm in height.

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