Watch the Birdie! - Feathered Friends to Knit

Watch the Birdie Pattern Cover

If you're a bird lover - or know someone who is, then this cheery collection of bird-themed knitting patterns is the one for you!

Inspired by some of our favourite feathered friends, "Watch the Birdie" contains all the detail you'll need to knit four different types of bird - a Cockatoo, Parrot, Budgie and Canary. We've chosen some of the more traditional colour schemes to create the birds featured in this collection, but if you'd like to play around with your choice of colours to create a new breed of your own, that sounds pretty good to us too. Purple parrots and bright orange budgies, anyone?

Whichever you choose to knit first, these cute and cuddly companions add a splash of colour to any living room and are sure to prove popular with friends or family alike. While not being able to talk themselves, they're surprisingly effective at starting a conversation when placed in a domestic setting - and you can rest assured that a knitted bird will never repeat that thing you said about that person when they next come to call...

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